On the Third Floor of Todd Hall

The above image shows a display of prints from the “MTSU print archives.” The first three artworks, (from left to right) are by Patrick Vincent (from APSU), Brandon Sanderson, and Matt Hopson-Walker.

The Department of Art and Design galleries on the second floor of Todd Hall get a lot of visitors. But we also have artworks on view on the third floor, which houses our Book Arts, Letterpress, and Printmaking studios. Examples of student works are on the walls and there are small exhibitions in cases across from the Book Arts Studio. Right now, there is a capsule exhibition highlighting hand-bound books, marbled paper, and boxes and there is a new glass cabinet that currently contains a display of late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century bindings and decorated books.

Here are some picture of what else is on display on the third floor right now:

Posters from a recent print class taught by Nick Satinover. From left to right, these are the work of Tori Bruzek, Jess Tate, Olivia Hollandsworth, Brittany Evans, Paige Strube, and Gabe Ives

Display of boxes and artists’ books from book arts classes taught by Kathleen O’Connell.
Display of decorative paper from book arts classes taught by Kathleen O’Connell.
A display of historic book bindings and book decorations for Laura Cochrane’s design history class.

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